Meeting the Red, White, and Black


I sink down into my well
the water is salty like quinine
at the bottom are large crystals
My familiar runs up to me in greeting

In my conscious mind I flip my world tree image from night to day. The sky is bright, almost white, the branches are dark red, pink and purple
I ask to meet with the three goddesses: red, white, and black.

I drift down a thread until I am just floating in blackness until finally I drift down to a clearing and land on a giant toadstool. I step off, and the three emerge around the edges of the grove. We sit around the toadstool as if it were a table
The fall, the grove, and the toadstool are all a bit Alice in Wonderland

The white serves me a small cup of something that tastes tart and creamy like yogurt.
Her name is Lulosna, Lune, Luna.
A white hare follows her.

The black is veiled.  She gives me a cup and it tastes like Turkish coffee or bitter chocolate.
Her name is Mordun. Mordrir, Morgrith.
A large black crow shadows her.
After I drink, she maternally kisses my face.

The red’s drink tastes like cinnamon and ginger.
Her name is Riadagh, Rielle, Ruagh.
A red fox accompanies her.
The red also hands me a kind of bouquet but it made of red feathers and fire.
I grasp it, feeling no heat.
Of the three, we are the closest.
She draws red feathers on my forearms.

It is time to go.
I turn to leave, but rush back to offer gifts to them.
They give me a mirror, a bottle of ink, and a red quill.

I open my eyes.

See this journey for more on the Red, White, and Black goddesses.


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